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Walter Benjamin: An Aesthetic of Redemption

Walter Benjamin: An Aesthetic of Redemption

By Richard Wolin

"The newcomer to Benjamin's work is here in excellent hands."—Times Literary Supplement

"A highly successful intellectual biography of Walter Benjamin . . . making an original argument concerning the works and addressing directly the issues raised by Benjamin that are still very much alive in our own time."—Theory and Society

Few twentieth-century thinkers have proven as influential as Walter Benjamin, the German-Jewish philosopher and cultural and literary critic. Richard Wolin's book remains among the clearest and most insightful introductions to Benjamin's writings, offering a philosophically rich exposition of his complex relationship to Adorno, Brecht, Jewish Messianism, and Western Marxism. Wolin provides nuanced interpretations of Benjamin's widely studied writings on Baudelaire, historiography, and art in the age of mechanical reproduction. In a new Introduction written especially for this edition, Wolin discusses the unfinished Arcades Project, as well as recent tendencies in the reception of Benjamin's work and the relevance of his ideas to contemporary debates about modernity and postmodernity.

316 pages
California University Press, 1994
5.9 x 1 x 9 inches
ISBN 9780520084001
Philosophy, Literary Criticism 

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