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Ute Lemper: Berlin Cabaret Songs [CD]

Ute Lemper: Berlin Cabaret Songs [CD]

During the short-lived Weimar Republic (1918-1933), Germany nurtured a number of distinctively modern arts, of which cabaret was, arguably the most vivacious. Yet today, surprisingly few have heard the songs that actually were presented on the cabaret stages of that era. This performance should begin to remedy that deficit, by bringing to life again some of the best examples of that ephemeral art. 

1. It's All A Swindle
2. Sex Appeal
3. Peter, Peter
4. The Smart Set
5. When The Special Girlfriend
6. I Am A Vamp!
7. L'heure Bleue
8. Take It Off Petronella!
9. Chuck Out The Man!
10. The Washed-up Lover
11. O Just Suppose
12. I Don't Know Who I Belong To
13. The Lavender Song
14. Maskulinum-Femininum
15. A Little Atilla
16. A Little Yearning
17. Oh, How We Wish That We Were Kids Again
18. Munchhausen

Total running time: 73:21

Vocals: Ute Lemper
Piano: Jeff Cohen
Matrix Ensemble
Robert Ziegler

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