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Update!: 90 Years of the Bauhaus: What Now?

Update!: 90 Years of the Bauhaus: What Now?

By Annett Zinsmeister

Update! invites a range of essayists to reflect on the continued relevance of the Bauhaus 90 years after its founding in 1919. Despite its brief existence and revolving directorship, the Bauhaus remains one of the preeminent teaching models for the promotion of avant-garde art, in its uniting of artists, architects and designers in an extraordinary conversation on the role of art in modern life. The site of experiments in the visual arts—ranging from architecture, industrial design, graphic design and furniture production to photography, textiles, ceramics, theater design, painting and sculpture—the legacy of the Bauhaus has profoundly shaped our understanding of the world today. Here, Gerd de Bruyn, Jeannine Fiedler, Sokratis Georgiadis, Kai-Uwe Hemken, Hans Dieter Huber, Nils Emde/niko.31, Philip Ursprung, Karin Wilhelm and Annett Zinsmeister provide a variety of takes on its aesthetic and pedagogical legacy.

176 pages
Text in German and English
Jovis, 2011
6.3 x 0.5 x 9.4 inches
ISBN 9783868591026
Bauhaus, Art History

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