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Toile de Vienne Textile

Toile de Vienne Textile


Toile de Vienne Textile

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Sara Nesbitt for Neue NOW
Designed 2012

 Vienna is a city of old-world charm and grace, renowned equally for its architectural beauty and the beau monde that lived there. In tribute to the loveliness of this city and the graceful, carefree air of Viennese life, the Neue Galerie Design Shop is proud to introduce Toile de Vienne.

Toile de Jouy ("cloth of Jouy") was first produced in France during the eighteenth century.  Toile patterns often feature rustic or pastoral scenes and have been used in fashion and interiors. Playful and richly detailed, Toile de Vienne honors this tradition.

Hand-drawn by fine artist Sara Nesbitt, Toile de Vienne features five historical landmarks of Vienna, alongside icons of early twentieth century Viennese modernism. 

Says Nesbitt, “I'm intrigued by the ambiguous spatial and subjective quality of traditional Toile fabrics, as well as the depiction of the themes and the ideas of the Age of Enlightenment.  The time in which they were created has so much to say to our own time.”

Individual scenes include the gothic grandeur of the Stephansdom, the rebellious spirit of the Secession Hall, the Prater's shady promenades, and the baroque stateliness of the Belvedere palace and the Karlskirche.

100% cotton
Textile per yard 
(Bolt width 60 in. Repeat 54 x 23 in.)



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