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The Torch in My Ear

The Torch in My Ear

By Elias Canetti
Translated by Joachim Neugroschel

In The Torch in My Ear, Elias Canetti - Nobel Prize winner, towering intellectual figure and polymath - gives us the second volume of his autobiography, a perceptive portrait of Vienna and Berlin in the 1920s, and of Vanetti's admiration for his first great mento, the Viennese writer Karl Kraus. Here are the voices of Bertolt Brecht, Isaac Babel, George Grosz, and many others, in a volume that redefines autobiography.

Elias Canetti (1905-1994), winner of the 1981 Novel Prize for Literature, was one of the major intellectual figures and polymaths of the twentieth century. A master of many genres, he is known especially for his novel, Auto Da Fe, and his great work of social theory, Crowds and Power.

372 Pages
Granta Books
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ISBN 9781847083579

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