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The Story of the Butterfly Children

The Story of the Butterfly Children

By Sibylle von Olfers

"This beautifully illustrated book is another classic children's story from the author."—Kindling Magazine

"Floris Books offers an amazing array of enchanting story books including The Story of the Butterfly Children. Beautifully illustrated in the art nouveau style, this book really captured the imaginations of our young readers ... Perfect for sharing, this is a beautiful book that also teaches children about the life-cycle of a butterfly."—Creative Steps Magazine

Far, far away from here in the magical Butterfly Kingdom live the brilliant and joyful butterfly folk. The little butterfly children are called chrysalids.

The butterfly children love dancing among the flowers and visiting their little brothers and sisters the caterpillars. Then, on the first day of spring, they finally get their wings! The sky is full of peacock, swallowtail, cabbage and red admiral butterflies excitedly waiting to begin the torchlight procession.

28 pages
Ages 3-5
Floris Books, 2021; 2nd Edition
Originally published in 1910
8.5 x 11.7 x 0.8 inches
ISBN 9781782507567
Classic/Vintage, Folktale

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