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The Ronald S. Lauder Collection: Selections from the 3rd Century BC to the 20th Century

The Ronald S. Lauder Collection: Selections from the 3rd Century BC to the 20th Century

With preface by Ronald S. Lauder, foreword by Renée Price, and essays by Alessandra Comini, Elizabeth Szancer Kujawski, Stuart Pyhrr, Ann Temkin, Eugene Thaw, Christian Witt-Dörring, and William Wixom

Neue Galerie New York was conceived of by two men who enjoyed a close friendship over a period of nearly thirty years: art dealer and museum exhibition organizer Serge Sabarsky and businessman, philanthropist, and art collector Ronald S. Lauder. Sabarsky and Lauder shared a passionate commitment to modern German and Austrian art, and dreamed of one day opening a museum to showcase the finest examples of this work. After Sabarsky's death in 1996, Lauder carried on the vision of creating the Neue Galerie as a tribute to his friend.

For its tenth anniversary, the museum presents an exhibition and accompanying catalog featuring selections from the collection of its co-founder, the driving force behind the museum, Ronald S. Lauder. Capturing the wide range and depth in which he collects, ranging from arms and armor, medieval painting, Old Master paintings, 19th- and 20th-century drawings, modern and contemporary art and design—and, of course, the German and Austrian art in which the Neue Galerie specializes.

The main principle uniting all these broad collecting interests is an absolute, instinctual dedication to quality. Our co-founder has the vision and temperament to identify greatness in art very quickly, and he has the conviction and courage to follow through and acquire masterworks. The result is no less than one of the finest private art collections in the world.

New York Times: Recommended Art book 2011

540 pages
Neue Galerie New York
Prestel, 2011
9.6 x 2.1 x 11.6 inches
ISBN 9783791351643
Neue Exhibition Catalogue, Art Collection 

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