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The Queen of the Cave

The Queen of the Cave


The Queen of the Cave

By Júlia Sardà   
"A beautifully illustrated longform picture book that explores the unease and bravery that comes with growing up."—School Library Connection  
"Three sisters sneak out for a nighttime adventure in Sardà’s fantastical picture book, which taps into the wonderous imagination of childhood and hints at what lies beyond. . . . Sardà unleashes a phantasmagoric blend of beauty and eeriness in her intricate, antique-hued illustrations. . . supremely exciting. . . . An unforgettable story that will leave readers with their eyes wide open."—Booklist 

In her debut as author-illustrator, Júlia Sardà spins an enthralling and evocative tale, rich with layers of meaning to be discovered.

One night, Franca has a dream about a marvelous queen who lives in a dark cave, deep in the forest. She cannot sit still until she knows if her dream is true. So with her younger sisters, Carmela and Tomasina, Franca ventures into the forest at the end of their garden. As they travel deeper through nettles and thickets, drawing closer and closer to the cave, the world shifts, and everything shrinks and expands at the same time. Here, they meet beasts and creatures that shock and delight them, and they escape horrible things that frighten them. They learn to be brave, to be bold, to face their darkest fears. And what of the queen? Well, what they find in the cave is perhaps the most unexpected thing of all . . . In Júlia Sardà’s irresistible, mysterious modern fairy tale, each spread is a stunning and wildly imaginative set piece brought to life in sumptuous color and detail.

64 pages
Age range: 5-9
Candlewick Studio, 2022
7.5 x 9.6 inches
ISBN 9781536220544
Children's Book, Illustration

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