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The Princess in the Forest

The Princess in the Forest

By Sibylle von Olfers

In the heart of the forest, a princess lived in her rose-covered castle. Every morning, she
woke and looked out of her window at the beautiful sunrise. She watched the dew children come dancing merrily through the trees.

The kind dew children help the princess to get dressed and the helpful moss children bring her a delicious forest breakfast. Then after her lessons, the princess goes deeper into the forest to play with her animal friends and to tell stories to the little mushroom children. When it is dark, the shining star children light her way home.

28 pages
Ages 3-5
Floris Books, 2021; 2nd Edition
Originally published in 1909
10.9 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches
ISBN 9781782507581
Classic/Vintage, Folktale

$18.95 $18.95