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The Origin of German Tragic Drama

The Origin of German Tragic Drama

The Origin of German Tragic Drama

By Walter Benjamin
Introduction by George Steiner
Translated by John Osborne

"He drew, from the obscure disdained German baroque, elements of the modern sensibility: the taste for allegory, surrealist shock effects, discontinuous utterance, a sense of historical catastrophe."Susan Sontag

"If the killing of Lorca was Fascism’s first great crime against literature, Benjamin’s death was undoubtedly the second."The Listener

"Walter Benjamin is the most important German aesthetician and literary critic of this century."George Steiner

The Origin of German Tragic Drama is Walter Benjamin's most sustained and original work. It begins with a general theoretical introduction on the nature of the baroque art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, concentrating on the peculiar stage-form of royal martyr dramas called Trauerspiel. Benjamin also comments on the engravings of Durer and the theatre of Calderon and Shakespeare. Baroque tragedy, he argues, was distinguished from classical tragedy by its shift from myth into history. Georg Lukacs, an opponent of Benjamin's aesthetics, singled out The Origin of German Tragic Drama as one of the main sources of literary modernism in the twentieth century.

256 pages
Verso Publishers, 2023
5 x 7.8 inches
ISBN 9781804290460
Theory and Aesthetic

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