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The Nutcracker: A Papercut Pop-Up Book

The Nutcracker: A Papercut Pop-Up Book
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The Nutcracker: A Papercut Pop-Up Book

By Shobhna Patel

"Beautiful … unique … Tchaikovsky’s ballet dances through the pages as the magnificent art arises from within … a magical reading experience" — Absolutely Mama

"The papercut pop-ups are a true piece of art" — Magpie That

"Breathtaking … enchanting … simply stunning" — Junior magazine

When the clock strikes midnight, Clara's nutcracker toy takes her on a magical journey. Mice become soldiers, candy canes transform into dancers and an enchanted castle emerges out of the mist.

In this exquisitely crafted book inspired by Tchaikovsky's ballet, familiar scenes are brought to life by Shobhna Patel's intricate laser-cut pop-up illustrations.

32 pages
Age range: 3-5
Thames & Hudson, 2017
12.1 x 0.6 x 6.9 inches
ISBN 9780500651247
Classic, Holiday, Pop-Up Book

$19.95 $19.95