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The Museum of Lost Art

The Museum of Lost Art
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The Museum of Lost Art

By Noah Charney

"From the bestselling author [...] Noah Charney... A dynamic narrative... Fascinating stories... Provides a stark reminder of the fragility of the world's treasures."—ArtsBeat

"In his expansive study The Museum of Lost Art, Charney provides a survey of works that have been stolen, confiscated, obliterated, painted over, erased, buried or that perhaps never even existed. The result - appropriately - is something of a revelation."—Art Agency, Partners

"Charney picks out some of the greatest lost cultural artifacts in history and tells vivid tales of their bitter ends."—Bloomberg Online

True tales of lost art, built around case studies of famous works, their creators, and stories of disappearance and recovery

From the bestselling author of The Art of Forgery comes this dynamic narrative that tells the fascinating stories of artworks stolen, looted, or destroyed in war, accidentally demolished or discarded, lost at sea or in natural disasters, or attacked by iconoclasts or vandals; works that were intentionally temporal, knowingly destroyed by the artists themselves or their patrons, covered over with paint or plaster, or recycled for their materials. An exciting read that spans the centuries and the continents.

296 pages
Phaidon Press, 2018
6.2 x 1.1 x 9.5 inches
ISBN 9780714875842
Art History, Museum Studies

$35.00 $35.00