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The Little Water Sprite

The Little Water Sprite

The Little Water Sprite

By Otfried Preussler
Illustrated by Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler
Translated by Anthea Bell

“An enchanting fantasy about the life of a young water sprite growing up in the cool green world of the mill pond. Endowed with a daring spirit, this lively little sprite ventures into many exciting and amusing episodes, including a trip with a strong current over the mill wheel, a joke played on a naive fisherman which saves Cyprian the Carp, a punishment for contracting dry feet, and a host of additional pranks, games and adventures calculated to delight and entertain.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Mr. Preussler’s books were read aloud to generations of German children. They adored his characters.” –Douglas Martin, The New York Times

One spring day, the little Water Sprite is born in a house of reeds at the bottom of a mill pond. Duckweed soup, pickled water fleas, and other dainties are served to celebrate. The little Water Sprite grows up quickly, and soon he is bored of gazing out the window at the newts and fish swimming by. There is a whole new world to see outside his living room, and the little Water Sprite is determined to explore it! In the pond he makes friends with Cyprian the carp and encounters the fearsome nine-eyed lamprey, but his most thrilling adventures await him on dry land.

136 pages
Age range: 5-9
NYR Children's Collection, 2015
Originally Published in 1956
5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 9781590179338
Children's Book, Adventure, Fairy Tale, Fantasy

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