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The Great Artists: Gustav Klimt

The Great Artists: Gustav Klimt

The Great Artists: Gustav Klimt

By A.N. Hodge

Gustav Klimt's exotic, sensuous paintings recall the art of ancient civilizations—their patterns and ornamentation reminiscent of Byzantine mosaics and Egyptian murals. But from what context did these masterworks spring?

This beautifully illustrated book is a guide to the life and work of Gustav Klimt. Klimt is one of the most influential artists of the Art Nouveau movement, first achieving fame as a decorative painter before turning to portraiture and erotic art. The decorative style persisted in his work, leading to abstract compositions with flattened, glowing surfaces embellished with gold and silver leaf. This technique is perhaps best identified in Klimt's two portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer.

The book serves as a perfect introduction to Klimt's work, showcasing a selection of his paintings as well as providing fascinating biographical detail.

About the Series: The Great Artists series by Arcturus Publishing introduces some of the most significant artists of the past 150 years, looking at their lives, techniques and inspirations, as well as presenting a selection of their best work.

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited, 2019
9.2 x 0.6 x 11.2 inches
ISBN 9781789507201
Artist Monographs, Painting, Portraiture 

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