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The City: A Vision in Woodcuts by Frans Masereel

The City: A Vision in Woodcuts by Frans Masereel

The City: A Vision in Woodcuts by Frans Masereel

By Frans Masereel

"An absolute song for an ongoing visit with timelessness."—The New York Times

This graphic novel by an expressionist master offers a stunning depiction of urban Europe between the world wars. First published in Germany in 1925, it presents unforgettable images from the tense and dynamic Weimar period, rendered in 100 woodcuts of remarkable force and beauty.

A pacifist during World War I, Belgian-born Frans Masereel (1889-1972) sympathized with the struggles of the working classes and strived to make his art accessible to ordinary people. His evocative woodcuts convey scenes of work and leisure, wealth and deprivation, and joy and loneliness. Banned by the Nazis, Masereel's works were championed in Communist countries; however, the artist steered clear of political affiliations. His clarity of vision transcends any propagandist use of the images, which stand as timeless indictments of oppression and injustice.

Thomas Mann described Masereel's works as so strangely compelling, so deeply felt, so rich in ideas that one never tires of looking at them. Epic and unflinching in its scope, The City continues to influence modern fine and graphic art, while recapturing the mood of a vanished era.

112 pages
Dover Publications, 2006
9.1 x 6.9 x 0.2 inches
ISBN 9780486447315
Artist Monographs, Woodcuts, Urban Studies, Graphic Novel 

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