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The Birthday

The Birthday

The Birthday

Written and Illustrated by Hans Fischer

"Vintage illustrations in pen and ink with splashes of color add to the book’s rustic appeal. It’s a tale of friendship and kindness, with just the right amount of mischief involved."—Foreword Reviews

A Swiss classic back in print!

Beloved illustrator Hans Fischer’s captivating story—about Old Lisette and her many animals that throw a surprise birthday party for her—has charmed generations of children.

When Lisette goes to the village on her birthday, her dog, Bello, and the other animals get to work. The cats bake a cake, the chickens lay extra eggs, the goat picks flowers for the birthday table, and the rabbits find seventy-six candles. When Lisette returns in the evening, she is surprised by the animals welcoming her to a festive table. After the meal, Bello put on a play for Lisette, and the ducks organize a party on the pond. But the highlight of the party is the most beautiful birthday surprise: the cats, Mauli and Ruli, proudly show Lisette their new baby kittens.

Fischer’s inimitable lines and colorful palette make this birthday celebration one to remember.

40 pages
Age range: 4-8
NorthSouth Books, 2020
Originally published in 1954
9.5 x 0.4 x 7 inches
ISBN 9783314105159
Illustrated Children's Book, Holiday

$14.95 $14.95