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The Architecture of New Prague 1895-1945

The Architecture of New Prague 1895-1945

The Architecture of New Prague 1895-1945

By Rostislav Švácha

Foreword by Kenneth Frampton, essay by Eric Dluhosch

Prague is one of Europe's oldest and most beautiful cities. Originally published in Czech in 1985, this seminal work focuses on the architecture of Prague from the turn of the century to the end of the Second World War: a rich matrix within which to place the figures who created the powerful, innovative spirit of modern Czech architecture.

Encyclopedic in its coverage, The Architecture of New Prague documents the architects, structures, and theoretical underpinnings that helped to shape Prague's cultural heritage and present-day artistic spirit. Three supplements appear in this edition: a directory of approximately 1,200 buildings (with street addresses), 25 short biographies of the main Prague architects of the time, and a revised bibliography. The more than 300 illustrations, all commissioned for the book, were taken by architectural photographer Jan Maly.

The text provides detailed coverage of the most important architects and their buildings, many of which have never been documented in any English-language publication. There are also valuable insights into the cultural conditions that helped to shape the Czech capital. An introductory chapter takes up Prague's urbanistic development and its context within international architectural movements.

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544 pages
9.8 x 1.5 x 10.2 inches
The MIT Press
ISBN 9780262193580
Architecture, Prague

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