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Dosa Temple Blessings Shawl

Dosa Temple Blessings Shawl
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Dosa Temple Blessings Shawl

Designed by Christina Kim
Produced by Dosa

This handwoven Indian Khadi silk shawl is dyed with flowers gathered from the SiddhiVinayak temple in Mumbai. During worship, fruits and flowers are offered to the deities in request of special blessings. As fresh garlands replenish the old, discarded blossoms are collected and sorted by artisans who use the petals for dyeing. Hibiscus, marigold, and rose petals are used for Neue NOW.

Khadi is an every-season fabric prized for its nuanced aesthetics and labor-intensive, rather than resource-intensive production. This silk shows variations in color, texture, and weave, which serve as small reminders of its handmade, natural state.

Scarf 83 x 39 in.
Dry clean only

$396.00 $396.00