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Struwwelpeter in English Translation

Struwwelpeter in English Translation

By: Heinrich Hoffmann
By: Heinrich Hoffmann

By Heinrich Hoffmann
English Translation

First published in 1845, Struwwelpeter (variously translated as "slovenly" or "shock-headed" Peter) has become widely recognized as one of the most popular and influential children's books ever written. Heinrich Hoffmann was a Frankfurt physician; Unhappy with the dry and pedagogic books available for children at the time, he wrote and illustrated Struwwelpeter as a Christmas present for his three-year-old son. The book relates in verse and pictures the often gruesome consequences that befall children who torment animals, play with matches, suck their thumbs, refuse to eat, fidget at meals, etc.

Written in rhyming couplets and illustrated by the author, the book was an immediate success. It has since gone through hundreds of editions and been published in almost every European language. The present volume reprints 25 color plates from a German edition (including a bonus plate done for the 100th edition in 1876) with the reset text of a standard English translation. Also included are the full German text and an afterword with a brief biography of the author and note on how the book came to be written.

Children, bibliophiles, antiquarians — any lover of time-honored tales for children — will welcome this new edition of the classic German story.

32 pages
Age range: 814 
Dover Childen's Classics, 1995
8.2 x 0.1 x 10.5 inches
ISBN 9780486284699
Classic/Vintage, Folk Tale 

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