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Steiff Classic Teddy Bear

Steiff Classic Teddy Bear


Steiff Classic Teddy Bear

The Berlin Bear, a proud symbol of Germany’s capital city since 1280, is not the only German bear with a claim to international fame. What we know today as the Teddy Bear is also a German native.

The first stuffed toy bear with movable limbs was designed by the German toy company Steiff in 1902, reaching American shores by 1906. These bears quickly became a universally recognized icon of childhood.

Steiff is now one of the world’s most famous collectibles companies, and its toys are highly prized and passed down through generations as family heirlooms.

Our bear, a classic 1920 "growler" design, features 5-way articulation, and the now-famous “Knopf im Ohr” ear-button that is the instantly recognizable trademark of the company. Covered in a soft, mohair/cotton blend, this Steiff collectible is expertly handmade in Germany, as was the original bear.

Height 13½ in.

$260.00 $260.00