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Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So

Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So


Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So

By Dafna Ben-Zvi 
Illustrated by Ofra Amit 
Translated from Hebrew by Annette Appel 
“Amit’s soft-edged illustrations, done in a palette of muted blues, reds, and grays, depict unclothed animals who walk on all fours and play boisterously but inhabit human homes and write using pen and paper. There is nary a human in sight, which lends a whimsically surreal touch to this gentle friendship tale. In Appel’s translation from Hebrew, Ben-Zvi’s narrative unfolds with a delicate sweetness that never tips into the saccharine. An understated delight from Israel.”—STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews

Winner of Best Early Reader/Chapter Book Award, 2021 Northern Lights Book Awards

What do you do when you’re feeling so-so? Do you curl up in a ball or talk with a friend?

Snoozie is a cat who doesn’t like moving. Sunny is a dog who’s afraid of the rain. They’re very different, but they are the best of friends. One day, while playing on a balcony, they discover a small, timid dog buried in a basket who has been feeling “so-so” for quite some time. How will this chance encounter change all their lives?

Affectionately written by Dafna Ben-Zvi, with sweet and expressive illustrations by Ofra Amit, and translated from Hebrew by Annette Appel, this is a tender story about feeling sad and finding uplift in the presence of accepting friends.

40 pages
Age range: 6-10
Enchanted Lions Books, 2020
6.375 x 9.1875 inches
ISBN 9781592702824

$17.95 $17.95