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Gitterwerk Vase

Gitterwerk Vase
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Gitterwerk Vase

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Koloman Moser
Designed 1904
Produced by First Edition
Hand-cut sterling silver with Bohemian glass insert
Limited and numbered edition
H. 8 in. / Base D. 3 in.

Even in its own day, this extravagant vase was a highly sought-after and often purchased item. It was produced 171 times in three closely-related though separate series. The vase's slim body, reminiscent of the architecture of a skyscraper, contrasts beautifully with the base, which is decorated with a neoclassical beading pattern. The squares, like the windows on an apartment building, give the structure airiness and transparency. Today, as they were originally, each and every square is laboriously cut by hand.

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