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Rudolf Wacker Notecard Set

Rudolf Wacker Notecard Set


Rudolf Wacker Notecard Set

Neue Galerie Exclusive

 Austrian painter Rudolf Wacker (1893-1939) studied art in both Austria and Germany. He is particularly noted for his expertise in the genre of still-life painting and created works that are uncanny in their degree of verisimilitude. In the 1930s, Wacker lived in Bregenz, a city in the western part of Austria, where he was fond of frequenting the local flea market. There he acquired some of the props he used in his paintings.

Wacker opposed the National Socialist movement and did not approve of the annexation of Austria by the Nazis. He was interrogated by the Gestapo in 1938 and died the following year as a result of the injuries that he sustained.

Images included:
Damaged Head, 1934
Aquarium, 1938
Autumn Bouquet with Butterfly, 1938
Two Heads, 1932

Notecard Box Set:
16 cards and envelopes
4 each of 4 images
4 3/4 x 6 7/8 inches

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