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Raoul Hausmann: Photographs 1927–1936

Raoul Hausmann: Photographs 1927–1936

By Cécile Bargues, Nik Cohn, David Benassayag, David Barriet, Béatrice Didier, Raoul Hausmann.

Raoul Hausmann (1886–1971) is remembered primarily for the central role he played in Berlin Dada with his assemblages, photomontages and optophonetic poems. Raoul Hausmann: Photographs 1927–1936 presents a comprehensive study of Hausmann as a photographer during the interwar years.

Beginning in 1927, while living in Germany, Hausmann became an avid, restless photographer―picking up the camera particularly during his stays at the North Sea and Baltic coasts. Forced into exile in Ibiza by the rise of the Nazi Party, Hausmann's photos focused on the local populace and vernacular architecture in his temporary home until he was forced to emigrate again in 1936. It was in this intense ten-year period, surveyed in this volume, that Hausmann would develop an individualized photographic style, simultaneously documentary and lyrical, and reflect extensively on the medium.

264 pages
8 x 1.2 x 9.1 inches
Koenig Books, 2018
ISBN 9783960982722

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