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Professor Bernhardi and Other Plays

Professor Bernhardi and Other Plays

By Arthur Schnitzler
Translated by G. J. Weinberger

Long considered one of Arthur Schnitzler's greatest accomplishments, Professor Bernhardi brings together its author's treatment of anti-Semitism, an important social problem in Austria then and now, and his penetrating study of its title character. A difficult, complex hero in the mold of Ibsen's Thomas Stockman, Bernhardi is made to suffer from the reaction to his ethical, humane decision to ease a dying girl's suffering, by people whose principles are not always as high as his own. The Comedy of Words treats a favorite theme of Schnitzler's, the misuse of language, while Fink and Fliederbusch stands out as one of the few genuine and enduring comedies in German literature.

379 pages
Ariadne Press, 1993
0.8 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 9780929497709

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