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Passementerie Key Ring

Passementerie Key Ring

Passementerie Key Ring

Elegant Passementerie braid-work was often seen at the royal courts of Habsburg Vienna, adorning both ladies’ high-fashion and the dress uniforms of the imperial military.

Austrian-born designer Sophie Aschauer channels this tradition with inspired and original accessories created from repurposed ship's ropes. Her intricate patterns are created using the centuries-old sailors' knots she learned as she gained experience sailing off Nantucket.

These elegant, handwoven bracelets and key rings create a link between old-world decorative arts and the seafaring heritage of New England.

Available in cerise red and midnight blue.
Length 4 in.
Width 1 1/2 in.

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Cerise red - $45.00
Midnight blue - $45.00
$45.00 $45.00