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Nolde, Klee & Der Blaue Reiter: The Braglia Collection

Nolde, Klee & Der Blaue Reiter: The Braglia Collection

Edited by Ute Eggeling & Michael Beck

With essays by Volker Adolphs, Tayfun Belgin, Eva Dewes, Janina Dahlmanns, Mara Folini, Helmut Friedel, Gisela Geiger, Cathrin Klinsohr-Leroy, Ulrich Luckhardt, Mario-Andreas von Luttichau, Osamu Okuda, Christian Ring, and Aya Soika.

From the first exhibition of German expressionism they saw in Venice, Swiss couple Gabriele and Anna Braglia, fascinated by the vivid colors and great expressive power of the artworks, set about to acquire select paintings, watercolors, and drawings from the movement. Their treasure trove of German expressionism was made accessible to the public in Lugano, Switzerland, in September 2015. This exquisitely produced publication accompanies the exhibition of their exceptional collection, providing a comprehensive overview of approximately fifty works of art.
From Paul Klee, Emil Nolde, and the Blaue Reiter artists to Lyonel Feininger and Max Pechstein, the paintings in the Swiss Braglia Collection represent important contributions to German expressionism. Reproduced here in full-page color illustrations, these works are complemented by essays from international experts on the movement. An ideal book for lovers of German expressionism and art in general, Nolde, Klee & Der Blaue Reiter will be appreciated for its pictorial reproductions, its charming and enlightening essays, and as a catalog for this outstanding collection.

232 pages
Hirmer Publishers, 2016
9.5 x 1.1 x 11.8 inches
ISBN 9783777424972
Expressionism, Blue Rider

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