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Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Tastes of Vienna

Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Tastes of Vienna

Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Tastes of Vienna

By Kurt Gutenbrunner and Jane Sigal
Preface by Ronald S. Lauder
Foreword by Renée Price
Essays by Janis Staggs
Photography by Ellen Silverman
Recipes from Wallsé, Café Sabarsky and Blaue Gans

"The Neue Galerie in New York is this tiny, well thought out museum focusing on the art of Vienna, and this publication is chef Gutenbrunner’s cookbook version of that establishment. Encompassing his love for Austrian food and Viennese cafes, the book includes recipes from three traditional restaurants: Wallsé, Café Sabarsky, and Blaue Gans. When you are done using it for dinner, it doubles as a coffee table art piece."―Zagat

"What makes this book unique, though (besides its being one of the better Austrian cookbooks on the market), is that it's not just a reflection of Viennese food culture throughout the ages; it's also a portrait of the Neue Galerie museum and the art inside. Curator Janis Staggs has written a great overview of the art scene in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century, and the book features many reproductions from the museum. A little food for thought, if you will."―Village Voice

Sharing signature recipes from his beloved trio of New York City restaurants—Wallsé, Café Sabarsky, and Blaue Gans—acclaimed chef Kurt Gutenbrunner offers his modern take on his culinary heritage in Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Tastes of Vienna. One of the first cookbooks to feature not only Austrian cooking but also its sophisticated legacy of art and design, this book showcases the history and allure of the Viennese café and restaurant traditions that Gutenbrunner has brought to his own establishments.

Neue Cuisine’s more than 100 delectable (and accessible) recipes include traditional Viennese specialties, as well as modern dishes highlighting the use of fresh-from-the-market ingredients. These are supplemented by an illuminating essay and a number of shorter informative texts about Wiener Werkstätte tableware and cooking techniques written by Janis Staggs, Associate Curator at the Neue Galerie.

Beautifully photographed with period tabletop accessories and art from the Neue Galerie, this cookbook is destined to become a classic; it captures the singular elegance of a dynamic period and culture.

“Everyone should know what a wonderful piece of apple strudel tastes like, or a crunchy light Wiener Schnitzel. To have created a home for this kind of food—and wine and culture—at Wallsé, Café Sabarsky, and Blaue Gans just makes me happy."Kurt Gutenbrunner

224 pages
150 color illustrations
9.1 x 1.1 x 10.9 inches
ISBN 9780847835621
Cooking, Austrian Cuisine

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