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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

By Alexander Lernet-Holenia
Illustrated by Neil Gower
Translated by Ignat Avsey

“Lernet-Holenia’s language, translated from the German by Ignat Avsey, is quick and punchy, proving the perfect complement to this entertaining story… This slim novel explores the power of art to influence life and vice versa, as a young man catches a glimpse of an unfinished masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci.”— Shelf Awareness for Readers

“I thoroughly enjoyed this short book because of the characterization of Da Vinci and the little mystery surrounding the empty tomb of Mona Lisa.”—The Bookbinder’s Daughter

‘Love does not need any comforting. It does not even need requiting. All it needs is itself.’

Florence, 1502. Marshal Louis de La Trémouille’s small army has stopped off en route to Naples, to buy objects d’art for King Louis XII of France. Naturally, Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop is on the shopping list; and during their visit to his house, the young nobleman de Bougainville chances upon the not-quite-finished Mona Lisa. He promptly, utterly and hopelessly falls in love with the woman in the painting, and is determined to find her – despite rumours that she has long ago died. A visit to an empty tomb, assault upon an Italian nobleman’s mansion, duel and execution later, the secret of la Gioconda’s smile is (possibly) revealed.

An entertaining story, told with style – about love, life, art, and the Quixotic things that a man will do to realize his dream.

96 pages
Pushkin, 2016
Originally published in 1937
5 x 6.5 inches
ISBN 9781782271901
Historical Fiction

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