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Michele Oka Doner Golden Wall Sconce

Michele Oka Doner Golden Wall Sconce
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Michele Oka Doner Golden Wall Sconce

Neue Galerie Exclusive

Michele Oka Doner for Neue NOW
Designed 2012
Inspired by Dagobert Peche
Hand-cast and finished bronze
Hand-burnished with white gold leaf or 23.5 karat gold leaf
H. 18½ x W. 9 x D. 6 in.

Priced individually or by matched pair.

Special order, please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery. A sales associate will contact you to confirm an estimated time of delivery.

This item is eligible for a maximum Member's discount of 10%.


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White gold leaf / Left - $3,400.00
White gold leaf / Right - $3,400.00
White gold leaf / Matched pair - $6,400.00
23.5 karat gold leaf / Left - $3,700.00
23.5 karat gold leaf / Right - $3,700.00
23.5 karat gold leaf / Matched pair - $6,800.00
$3,400.00 $3,400.00