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Meet Gustav Klimt

Meet Gustav Klimt


Meet Gustav Klimt

By Read With You Center   
Art is everywhere. Whether you are sitting in a library or walking around the city, you will find examples of art all over. But how do you know when something is art? How is one piece different from the next? The best person to ask is an artist! In Meet Gustav Klimt, you will meet an extraordinary modern artist. What can he tell you about his famous glittery gold paintings and unique use of mosaics? Admire his gorgeous art as he explains it. Then, experiment with gilding and create your own mosaics!

Travel through time as you flip each page. Visit artwork from the greatest names in history.

Meet the Artist is Read With You’s introduction to the world of art. This series weaves interesting facts with gorgeous art as the artists themselves engagingly introduce their masterpieces. On each colorful page, the artist points out significant details and personal touches in pieces that have captured the world with their beauty. Young readers will practice their reading skills and challenge themselves to examine art like an expert, while soaking up world-famous artwork. Parents and teachers will love the creative questions and activities that encourage readers to apply the concepts they’ve learned and test new techniques.

36 pages
Age range: 4-9
Read With You Publishing, 2022
8 x 8 inches
ISBN 9798886182903
Art History, Children's Art Education

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