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Major Figures of Modern Austrian Literature

Major Figures of Modern Austrian Literature

Major Figures of Modern Austrian Literature

Edited by Donald G. Daviau

"The incisive presentation of the cultural climate of the time leads to a better understanding of the different developments that took place in Austria and Germany."—The German Quarterly

"This remarkable work has to be considered a key tool for studies in Austrian literature."—Austrian Information

Major Figures of Austrian Literature: The purpose of this projected seven-volume series is to help make the major figures of Austrian literature from 1800 to the present accessible to an English-speaking audience. The introductions provide an overview of the cultural and political background of the age to furnish a broader context for the individual contributions. Bibliographies of primary and secondary texts enhance the value of the volumes as reference works.

The fifteen essays cover the life and works of the major authors representing the generation who began their literary careers before Word War II, were driven into exile or into inner emigration during the years of annexation (1938-1945), and attained full prominence in the postwar period.

Contents: Ingeborg Bachmann, Hermann Broch, Christine Busta, Paul Celan, Franz Theodor Csokor, Heimito von Doderer, Albert Paris Gütersloh, Fritz Hochwälder, Christine Lavant, Alexander Lernet-Holenia, Robert Musil, Joseph Roth, George Saiko, Friedrich Torberg, Franz Werfel.

481 pages
Ariadne Press, 1988
6 x 1.5 x 9 inches
ISBN 9780929497006
Essay, Commentary

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