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Letter From an Unknown Woman and Other Stories

Letter From an Unknown Woman and Other Stories

By Stefan Zweig
Translated by Anthea Bell

A famous author receives a letter on his forty-first birthday. He doesn't know the sender, but still the letter concerns him intimately. Its story is earnest, even piteous: the story of a life lived in service to an unannounced, unnoticed love.

In the other stories in this collection, a young man mistakes the girl he loves for her sister; two erstwhile lovers meet after an age spent apart; and a married woman repays a debt of gratitude. All four tales, newly translated by the award-winning Anthea Bell, are among Zweig's most celebrated and compelling work-expertly paced, laced with empathy and an unwaveringly acute sense of psychological detail.


Letter from an Unknown Woman (Brief einer Unbekannten)
A Story Told in Twilight (Geschichte in der Dämmerung)
The Debt Paid Late (Die spät bezahlte Schuld)
Forgotten Dreams (Vergessene Träume)

200 pages
Pushkin Press
ISBN 9781906548933

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