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Konundrum: Selected Prose of Franz Kafka

Konundrum: Selected Prose of Franz Kafka

By Franz Kafka
Translated by Peter Wortsman

In this new selection and translation, Peter Wortsman mines Franz Kafka's entire opus of short prose—including works published in the author's brief lifetime, posthumously published stories, journals, and letters—for narratives that sound the imaginative depths of the great German-Jewish scribe from Prague. It is the first volume in English to consider his deeply strange, resonantly humane letters and journal entries alongside his classic short fiction and lyrical vignettes. Transformed is a vivid re-translation of one of Kafka's signature stories, Die Verwandlung, commonly rendered in English as The Metamorphosis. Composed of short, black comic parables, fables, fairy tales, and reflections, Konundrum also includes classic stories like In the Penal Colony, Kafka's prescient foreshadowing of the nightmare of the twentieth-century, refreshing the writer's mythic storytelling powers for a new generation of readers.

384 pages
Random House, 2016
6 x 1.1 x 7.5 inches
ISBN 9780914671510
Short Story 

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