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Klimt's Rose Eau De Toilette

Klimt's Rose Eau De Toilette

Klimt's Rose Eau De Toilette

Between the years 1911 and 1918, Gustav Klimt kept a studio at Feldmühlgasse 11 in Vienna. Here, surrounded by an overgrown orchard full of apple trees and fragrant damask roses, Klimt worked on more than 50 paintings, including Adele Bloch-Bauer II.

Only one of these rose bushes has survived till today, and after more than a hundred years it still flowers every year.

In 2020 the scent surrounding the living rosebush (headspace scent) was captured by the FRAGRANTARIUM. Coincidentally its headspace scent contains aroma molecules that are normally found in apples and wild flowers just as depicted in Klimt’s Orchard With Roses.
Top Notes: Freshly Cut Grass, Lemon, Golden Apples|
Mid Notes: Damask Rose Oil, Honey, Pink Pepper
Base Notes: Wild Rose, Violet, Sandalwood 

30ml / Hand filled in Austria.

GUSTAV KLIMT, Orchard With Roses, 1912


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