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By Stefan Zweig
Translated by Will Stone

"A fascinating glimpse into interwar Europe that still feels fresh today."—The Lady

"[The pieces] blend travel writing with a journalistic dedication."—Pendora Magazine

"Zweig’s accumulated historical and cultural studies [are] almost too impressive to take in."—Clive James

"When I am on a journey, all ties suddenly fall away. I feel myself quite unburdened, disconnected, free—there is something in it marvelously uplifting and invigorating. Whole past epochs suddenly return: nothing is lost, everything still full of inception, enticement."

For the insatiably curious and ardent Europhile Stefan Zweig, travel was both a necessary cultural education and a personal balm for the depression he experienced when rooted in one place for too long. He spent much of his life weaving between the countries of Europe, visiting authors and friends, exploring the continent in the heyday of international rail travel.

Comprising a lifetime’s observations on Zweig’s travels in Europe, this collection can be dipped into or savoured at length, and paints a rich and sensitive picture of Europe before the Second World War.

128 pages
5.1 x 0.4 x 7.8 inches
Pushkin Press, 2019
Originally published in 1976
ISBN 978782274759
Travel, Non-Fiction, Short Story

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