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Japanese Prints: The Collection of Vincent van Gogh

Japanese Prints: The Collection of Vincent van Gogh

By Shigeru Oikawa, Louis van Tilborgh, Chris Uhlenbeck

"Fascinating and informative . . . an insightful look into a unique artistic mind."―The Lady

"All my work is based to some extent on Japanese art . . ." —Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, July 15th, 1888

Vincent van Gogh fell under the spell of Japanese printmaking during his stay in Paris in 1886-87, when Japanese art was highly fashionable. Initially intending to sell them, he purchased more than 600 prints from a dealer. Hung all around his studio, they taught him to see the world differently.

The unusual spatial effects, expanses of color, everyday subjects and close observations of nature in these works resonated with his own attempts to forge a new way of painting that engaged directly with the viewer.

The book explores van Gogh's obsession with Japan, revealing a selection of the prints he owned himself, all in the collection of the van Gogh Museum. This opportunity to share van Gogh's vision leads us a compelling insight into one of the most powerful creative influences behind his art.

224 pages
Thames & Hudson, 2019
8.6 x 1 x 11.7 inches
ISBN 9780500239896
Artist Monograph, Collection Catalog, Printmaking

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