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Intimate Ties: Two Novellas

Intimate Ties: Two Novellas

Intimate Ties: Two Novellas

By Robert Musil
Translated by Peter Wortsman

“(These stories) mimic the circular thought patterns of private obsession with such authenticity that they could easily frighten readers . . . each novella scrutinizes the inchoate nature of the human psyche with great audacity and compassion, and each functions as a resolute exploration of the limitations of self-expression through language.”—The Hudson Review

Two erotic novellas by one of the masters of high modernism.

First published in 1911, Intimate Ties is Robert Musil’s second book, consisting of two novellas, “The Culmination of Love” and “The Temptation of Silent Veronica.” Each revolves around a troubled woman in the throes of her sexual and romantic woes, as their memories of the past return to influence their present desires. Musil tracks the psyche of his protagonists in a blurring of impressions that is reflected in his experimental prose. Intimate Ties offers the reader an early glimpse of the high modernist style Musil would perfect in his magnum opus The Man Without Qualities.

208 pages
Archipelago, 2019
Originally published in 1911
5.5 x 6.3 inches
ISBN 9781939810236

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