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Interaction of Color: Complete Edition

Interaction of Color: Complete Edition


Interaction of Color: Complete Edition

By Josef Albers

Foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber

"The magnificent presentation of this edition will continue to make this book indispensable to the next generation of art students and teachers alike."—Douglas F. Smith, Berkeley Public Library, Library Journal

"Josef Albers' Interaction of Color stands alone among color theory books: a classic that never fails to surprise with its continued relevance."—Imprint

One of the most influential books on color ever published, Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color is a masterwork. Originally issued in 1963 as a limited-edition set of commentary and 150 silk-screened color plates, the book introduced generations of students, artists, designers, and collectors to Albers’ unique approach to complex principles.

While the original publication has long been out of print, this beautiful new edition now brings Interaction back into classrooms, studios, and onto bookshelves, where it will find an eager new audience. Lavishly produced as a two volume slip-cased set, this book replicates Albers’s revolutionary exercises, explaining concepts such as color relativity and vibrating and vanishing boundaries through the use of color, shape, die-cut forms, and movable flaps that illustrate his astonishing demonstrations of the changing and relative nature of color. Also included for the first time are new studies from the Albers archive, produced by the artist’s students in the early 1960s.

A celebration of Albers’s legendary achievements, this beautiful publication is an essential addition to any serious art library.

Hardcover cloth-bound
144 pages, 2-volume set | 6 black-and-white, 145 color illustrations
Yale University Press, 2009
16.6 x 12 x 2.6 inches
ISBN 9780300146936
Artist Monographs, Color Theory

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