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How Artists See Jr.: Dogs

How Artists See Jr.: Dogs

How Artists See Jr.: Dogs

By Colleen Carroll


"A great way to introduce art to the very young."—The Virginian-Pilot

"Boy do I have some great board books for your little art lovers."—The Well-Read Child

"Abbeville revamps its series "How Artists See" very successfully in board book form. Topics…all have child appeal."—Booklist

The "How Artists See Jr." board books are a child's first introduction to the magic and beauty of art. Adapted from the acclaimed "How Artists See" series by Colleen Carroll, this new series is perfect for early learners ages 9 months to 6 years. Like a miniature museum exhibit that adult and child can explore together, each books features diverse works of art from around the world, centered on a single theme that little ones love: Babies, Dogs, Horses, or Trains.

In How Artists See Jr: Dogs, children will encounter pictures of big dogs, tiny dogs, mischievous dogs, hunting dogs, and more, created by Paul Gauguin, Norman Rockwell, ancient Egyptian painters, and others. The "apples to apples" comparison of similarly themed pictures makes it easy to engage young children, helping them see the familiar in unexpected ways while providing parent and child inspiration for thoughtful conversations, playful interactions, and vocabulary enrichment. The book also includes tips designed to encourage interaction while discovering the artworks.

Board Book
22 pages
Age range: 2–4
Abbeville Press, 2008

5.9 x 0.6 x 7.6 inches
ISBN 9780789209726
Art History, Animals, Board Book, Baby/Toddler Friendly

$7.95 $7.95