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Gustav Klimt Landscapes Notecard Set

Gustav Klimt Landscapes Notecard Set


Gustav Klimt Landscapes Notecard Set

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Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is renowned for his provocative allegories and for his sensuous portraits of women—commissions of the latter supported him financially for the last twenty years of his career. During the same period, he also devoted considerable energies to contemplative landscapes, which were undertaken during his Sommerfrische (summer holidays) spent in the region near Salzburg renowned for its lakes and alpine terrain. Although these paintings were created purely for Klimt's pleasure, they became among the most sought-after canvases by the artist.

Contained in this boxed set are reproductions of six of Klimt's most important landscapes. Completed between 1900 and 1914, these pictures demonstrate the range of the artist's fascination with the locale. He focused on fruiting orchards and reflecting ponds, flowering gardens and blooming meadows, as well as distinct architectural structures situated in bucolic settings. This selection of verdant scenes has a universal appeal, capturing nature at the height of its beauty and affirming Klimt's unique artistic achievements.

Images include:
The Large Poplar I, 1900
Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer, 1912
Forester's House in Weissenbach II (Garden), 1914
Park at Kammer Castle, 1909
Sunflower, 1907-08
Poppy Field, 1907

Notecard Box Set:
12 square notecards and envelopes
2 each of 6 images
6 x 6 inches

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