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Germany? Germany! Satirical Writings: The Kurt Tucholsky Reader

Germany? Germany! Satirical Writings: The Kurt Tucholsky Reader

By Kurt Tucholsky
Preface by Ralph Blumenthal
Translated by Harry Zohn

"This new book reveals the brilliance and desperation of a quicksilver writer in dark times nearly a century ago and an ocean away."—The Los Angeles Review of Books

Kurt Tucholsky is one of Weimar Germany's most celebrated literary figures. The poet, journalist, and satirist who was at the center of the tumultuous political and cultural world of 1920’s Berlin still emerges as an astonishingly contemporary figure. But he was more than just an angry truth-teller; he was also one of the funniest satirical writers of his era, depicting everyday lives during the rise of modernity. The iconic translation of Harry Zohn, a literary figure from Vienna himself, presented Tucholsky to an American audience for the first time. This edition features a preface by Ralph Blumenthal, journalism professor and former reporter for The New York Times.

202 pages
Berlinica Publishing, 2017
5.5 x 0.7 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 9781935902386

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