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German Expressionist Painting

German Expressionist Painting

German Expressionist Painting

By Peter Selz

"Selz has given us the final documentation of the Expressionist movement. Based on a thorough investigation of all documents available, on personal and written interviews with the surviving artists or members of their families, the book has established the story of the unfolding of Expressionism step by step." —Journal of Aesthetics and Criticism

"Mr. Selz has undertaken an exhaustive examination of the movement in Dresden, Munich, and Vienna . . . he uncovers much that is unfamiliar and presents what we already know in a meaningful historical perspective. His scholarship is dazzling and will earn him the gratitude of everyone who works in the field." —Yale Review

First published in 1957, German Expressionist Painting was the first comprehensive study of the most pivotal movements in the art of 20th century. When it was written, however, German Expressionism seemed like an eccentric manifestation far removed from what was then considered the mainstream of modern art. But as historians well know each generation alters the concept of mainstream to encompass those aspects of the past which seem most relevant to the present. The impact of German Expressionism on the art and thought of later generations could never have been anticipated at the time of the original writing of this book.

Peter Selz is Professor Emeritus of the History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. Among his many books are Nathan Oliveira (California, 2002), Barbara Chase-Riboud, Sculptor (1999), Beyond the Mainstream (1996), and Art in Our Times (1981).

512 pages
University of California Press, 1974
6 x 1 x 9.5 inches
ISBN 9780520025158

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