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German Expressionist Cinema: The World of Light and Shadow

German Expressionist Cinema: The World of Light and Shadow

By Ian Roberts

"An extremely accessible study of the major works associated with German expressionist cinema. The book provides lucid accounts of several prominent films coupled with illuminating background information about the filmmakers." —Brad Prager, University of Missouri

"The book certainly achieves its goal, which is to reveal the contours of Weimar cinema... Recommended." —Choice

Before Hollywood's golden age, German expressionist film was arguably the most important cinematic movement in the medium's history. These 'symphonies of... iridescent movement' of Weimar cinema provide some of cinema's most iconic images, and its vivid contrasts and dark spaces constitute a major influence on Hollywood classics such as CITIZEN KANE (1941) and SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950). This volume also offers insights into the technical and thematic developments of the Weimar film. Covering classics such as THE CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI (1920) and NOSFERATU (1922) as well as under-appreciated examples such as ASPHALT (1929), this volume forms an essential introduction to one of cinema's most historically important movements.

144 pages
Wallflower Press, 2008
6 x 0.5 x 8 inches
ISBN 9781905674602 
Film, Expressionism   

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