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George Grosz: Autobiography

George Grosz: Autobiography

by George Grosz, translated by Nora Hodges

This acclaimed autobiography by one of the twentieth century's greatest satirical artists is as much a graphic portrait of Germany in chaos after the Treaty of Versailles as it is a memoir of a remarkable artist's development. Grosz's account of a world gone mad is as acute and provocative as the art that depicts it, and this translation of a work long out of print restores the spontaneity, humor, and energy of the author's German text. It also includes a chapter on Grosz's experience in the Soviet Union—omitted from the original English-language edition—as well as more writings about his twenty-year self-imposed exile in America, and a fable written in English.

325 pages
University of California Press, 1998
9.1 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches
ISBN 9780520213272

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