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Futurism & Europe The Aesthetics of a New World

Futurism & Europe The Aesthetics of a New World

Futurism & Europe The Aesthetics of a New World

Edited by Fabio Benzi and Renske Cohen Tervaert

Contributions by Fabio Benzi, Maria Elena Versari, Manuel Barrese, Verena Krieger, Sjoerd Van Faassen, Monica Cioli, Francesco Tedeschi, Christine Poggi, Lotte Johnson, Niccolo` D’agati, Eugenia Paulicelli, Günter Berghaus, Marta Braun, Matteo Fochessati, Gianni Franzone, Silvia Barisione, Paolo Bolpagni and Alberto Cibin

A new, expansive study on Futurism which explores for the first time its relationships with other European avant-gardes during 1912 to 1939

Futurism & Europe: The Aesthetics of a New World examines for the first time the many interconnections between Futurism and other European avant-gardes as varied as the Bauhaus in Germany, De Stijl in the Netherlands, Omega Workshops in Britain, Constructivism in Russia and Esprit Nouveau in France. Featuring over twenty essays by an international team of experts, this expansive book covers a range of topics and mediums including painting, sculpture, architecture, interior and stage designs, graphic work, fashion, theatre and cinema, as well as a diverse variety of functional objects from furniture and carpets to ceramics and toys.

Spanning various avant-gardes from 1912 to 1939, artists featured include Italian futurists such as Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni and Fortunato Depero, alongside other European artists including Sonia Delaunay, Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Walter Gropius, Alexander Rodchenko, Fritz Lang, László Moholy-Nagy, Wassily Kandinsky, Hans Arp, Duncan Grant, Natalia Goncharova and Vladimir Tatlin. Broad in scope, this pioneering book examines the intersections between Futurism and other European avant-garde movements in their shared quest for a new aesthetic, triggering a lively exchange of new ideas, friction and rivalry.

384 pages | 400 color illustrations
8.87 x 11.80 inches
Yale University Press, 2023
ISBN 9780300272406
Futurism, European Art

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