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Freud the Man: an Intellectual Biography

Freud the Man: an Intellectual Biography

By Lydia Flem
Translated by Susan Fairfield

The world knows Freud as a thinker—one of the founding giants of modern culture. Now Lydia Flem paints a unique and unforgettable portrait of Freud the man: a father, husband, and friend, a secular Jew with passion for classical antiquity and European culture, torn between his need to be fully accepted in an anti-Semitic society while remaining faithful to his origins.

Flem enters into the depths of Freud's creativity, showing how his thinking is connected to his immersion in the arts, the history of religions, and mythology. The intimate details of his daily life, his relationships with women, his poetic gifts, his travels, his dreams, his letters to family, friends, and colleagues: all reveal his vision of the unconscious. We accompany Freud on his walks through Vienna and Rome; look over his shoulder as he writes to his fiancee; learn the significance of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian figurines that stand before him on his desk as he conceives his groundbreaking ideas; and discover the books, read in childhood, that later shape his self-analysis and his theoretical development.

220 pages
Other Press, 2014
6 x 0.6 x 9 inches
ISBN 9781590517338

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