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Fragments of Metropolis - Berlin

Fragments of Metropolis - Berlin

By Niels Lehmann & Christoph Rauhut
Introduction by Hans Kollhoff

This stunning volume presents the result of a major undertaking by photographer Niels Lehmann and researcher Christoph Rauhut: to document all the remaining Expressionist buildings in Berlin. Expressionism powerfully heralded the onset of the twenties, and nowhere was it more important or powerful than in Berlin. The buildings that remain demonstrate great creativity with form and skillful use of light, color, and material, highlighting verticality and drama—the essence of the modern metropolis.
Lehmann’s new photographs are here set alongside drawings, an illustrated index of buildings, and maps that help the reader group the buildings by area. Simultaneously a celebration of a lost period and a reminder of the riches it has left to us, Fragments of Metropolis: Berlin is a stunning achievement of historical and artistic preservation.

256 Pages
Hirmer, 2017
6 x 0.9 x 9.5 inches
ISBN 9783777426785

$35.00 $35.00