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Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity

Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity
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Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity

Ferdinand Hodler’s emotionally loaded landscapes and ritualized portraits were among the earliest harbingers of Expressionist painting in Europe, and a key bridge between the idioms of late-nineteenth-century Symbolism, Realism and modernist Expressionism. This volume gathers a selection of Hodler’s best-loved work: his famous late paintings, in which figures are heavily stylized and landscapes are pared down to simple effects of mood and color; his outstanding works on paper; and the much-acclaimed, extremely moving series of works chronicling the illness and early death of the artist’s lover, Valentine Godé-Darel. A documentary section reproduces letters, sketchbooks and photographs that illuminate the relationship between Hodler and Godé-Darel. Central to this publication is the role that series and variations play throughout Hodler’s oeuvre--most famously in his groups of figures arranged in ritualized poses, a style to which he gave the name “Parallelism.” This volume reveals Hodler both as a painter of great emotional intensity and as a crucial progenitor of the Expressionist worldview.

240 pages
Hatje Cantz, 2012
9.5 x 1 x 11.4 inches
ISBN 9783775733809

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