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Fairy Tales: Three Dramolettes

Fairy Tales: Three Dramolettes

Fairy Tales: Three Dramolettes

By Robert Walser
Translated by Daniele Pantano and James Reidel
Preface by Reto Sorg

“One of the most profound creations and one that is enough on its own to explain why the most powerful of all writers was a favorite author of the merciless Franz Kafka.”—Walter Benjamin

Three mini-plays by the German wunderkind and asylum-dweller.

Fairy Tales gathers the unconventional verse dramolettes of the Swiss writer Robert Walser. Narrated in Walser's inimitable, playful language, these theatrical pieces overturn traditional notions of the fairy tale, transforming the Brothers Grimm into metatheater, even metareflections.

Snow White forgives the evil queen for trying to kill her, Cinderella doubts her prince and enjoys being hated by her evil stepsisters; the Fairy Tale itself is a character who encourages her to stay within the confines of the story. Sleeping Beauty, the royal family, and its retainers are not happy about being woken from their sleep by an absurd, unpretentious, Walser-like hero. Mary and Joseph are taken aback by what lies in store for their baby Jesus.

128 pages
New Directions, 2015
5.3 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 9780811223980
Play, Folklore, Short Stories

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